Our Business

Exceeding expectations

Photos by Christopher Tierney Photography   As H&H transitions its new premier brands, a customer-focused philosophy comes forward   Perspective is an interesting concept. The same view can look completely different depending on where you stand. H&H President Steve Hinchcliff learned this at an early age when his mother told him […]

Discipline from Within

Tiger Rock Academy teaches focus and confidence for all ages The thought of taking a martial arts class can be intimidating. But the instructors and students at Tiger Rock Academy not only make every person who walks through the door feel welcome, they teach, encourage, and respect each person, whether […]

Strength in Numbers

Elkhorn Soccer Club puts an emphasis on people With more than 1,900 kids participating annually, Elkhorn Soccer Club has become the second largest soccer club in Nebraska. That kind of growth is exciting but doesn’t come without challenges. However, with a new executive director in place, a dedicated staff of both […]

Family Focused

Pedodontics P.C. gives kids something to smile about “Smiles are our passion.” That’s the first sentence on the giant word wall in the reception area at the pediatric dental office Pedodontics, P.C. For more than 50 years, Pedodontics, P.C. has been helping keep Omaha families healthy. Although the location and […]

Creative Kindness

Gift Card Karma helps complete the circle of giving We’ve all received gift cards that have gone unused. With no expiration dates, maybe they end up in a wallet, forgotten, or only part of one was spent. Unfortunately, every year millions of dollars in gift cards go unused. Rather than let […]

True Visionaries

Viewpointe Vision opens its doors and hearts to families Gone are the days when doctors make house calls. But providing care for an entire family on a personalized level is still very much alive and well. Viewpointe Vision (formerly Elkhorn Ridge Vision) recently opened its doors in a new location […]

Clean Living

Beauty and comfort meet at Ritz Lake in Fremont Just 20 minutes from West Omaha off US Highway 275 in Fremont sits a lake that for the past 20 years has been privately owned by Doug and Mary Ann Ritthaler and enjoyed by their three children and grandchildren. Now they’re sharing […]

Caring Conflict Resolution

Jennifer Turco Meyer truly cares about her clients One of the great things about our country is having a legal system in place to resolve disputes when needed. But it’s a complex system, and having someone who can help you navigate through the process is critical, especially if it’s your first […]

Innovation out of Love

Mollie and Jeff Evans bring peace of mind to parents Being the parent to an infant is both exhilarating and exhausting, not to mention at times a little intimidating. Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of a child. Parents educate and arm themselves with resources and tools […]

Creativity Meets Hard Work

Business owner Jason Decker creates paradise in back yards  At age 14 Jason Decker hung a poster of a Dodge Ram flatbed truck on his wall and wrote on it, “To achieve your dreams you must believe in them.” At age 15 he started working in the lawn and landscaping business managing […]