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Snowshoe Candy Co. makes your holidays sweeter

Ali Clark Yahnke’s favorite season for candy making has always been winter. Growing up in Wisconsin, she loved activities that imparted feelings of warmth and comfort such as cooking and knitting and has fond memories of enjoying handmade caramels from her grandfather at the holidays. One year at Thanksgiving she […]

88 Tactical Range & Readiness Center creates a safer community

Imagine witnessing a car accident that results in injuries to those involved. Are you hesitant to stop because you don’t feel you have the first-aid training that may be required to help and instead call 9-1-1? This is just the type of situation that the experts at 88 Tactical want […]

Johnson Hardware provides a custom experience to dress up your home

Details and personal touches are what makes any house into a home. And much like the accessories you wear express your unique style, hardware on your home’s doors and cabinets serves as the personal expression to complete your home. No local company has more experience in this area than Johnson […]

Egermier Wealth Management group treats you like one of their own

“The family that prays together stays together” is a familiar quote that holds true for the Egermier family. But they also work together, eat lunch together almost daily, and travel together. And through it all they’ve built a close-knit family and a successful business in which they’ve extended their family […]

Patients receive personalized, whole body care at Whitten Dentistry

“The mouth is the gateway to the body.” This is the philosophy that Whitten Dentistry uses for its approach to total body health care with every patient they see. Owner Karry Whitten and her staff have differentiated their practice for the past 19 years by providing individualized treatment combined with […]

Exceeding expectations

Photos by Christopher Tierney Photography   As H&H transitions its new premier brands, a customer-focused philosophy comes forward   Perspective is an interesting concept. The same view can look completely different depending on where you stand. H&H President Steve Hinchcliff learned this at an early age when his mother told him […]

Discipline from Within

Tiger Rock Academy teaches focus and confidence for all ages The thought of taking a martial arts class can be intimidating. But the instructors and students at Tiger Rock Academy not only make every person who walks through the door feel welcome, they teach, encourage, and respect each person, whether […]

Strength in Numbers

Elkhorn Soccer Club puts an emphasis on people With more than 1,900 kids participating annually, Elkhorn Soccer Club has become the second largest soccer club in Nebraska. That kind of growth is exciting but doesn’t come without challenges. However, with a new executive director in place, a dedicated staff of both […]

Family Focused

Pedodontics P.C. gives kids something to smile about “Smiles are our passion.” That’s the first sentence on the giant word wall in the reception area at the pediatric dental office Pedodontics, P.C. For more than 50 years, Pedodontics, P.C. has been helping keep Omaha families healthy. Although the location and […]

Creative Kindness

Gift Card Karma helps complete the circle of giving We’ve all received gift cards that have gone unused. With no expiration dates, maybe they end up in a wallet, forgotten, or only part of one was spent. Unfortunately, every year millions of dollars in gift cards go unused. Rather than let […]