Tag: December 2017

The ‘write’ plan

A column on estate and financial planning for everyone By Lisa M. Lehan, J.D.  This is the fifth part of a six-part series examining estate planning needs that coincide with life’s milestones. * * * * * As your family grows to include adult children, their spouses, and your grandchildren, […]

The new Jaguar XE: 5 features of the perfect sedan

In partnership with H&H Premier Automotive ICONIC DESIGN This form has been rigorously optimized to cut through the air – every element exploits the exterior’s maximum aerodynamic potential while preserving the stunning proportions of the Jaguar XE. INCONTROL TOUCH PRO The next-generation hardware and software of InControl Touch Pro™ advances […]

Basic home defense: How to improve your home safety and peace of mind

This story is by Trevor Thrasher, Senior Instructor & COO of 88 Tactical BASIC HOME SAFETY DEFENSE MISTAKES If you came home and noticed something amiss or out of place—an open door, a curtain moved, a broken window—what would you do? Your first instinct is going to be to run in […]