Author: Edge Staff

5 Steps to the Perfect Cocktail

The Bar: Mode de Vie The Bartender: Sonita The drink: Passion Amere. For each drink sold the month of February, Mode de Vie will make a donation to the Women’s Center for Advancement (WCA). Step 1: What you need 1 oz Ransom dry gin . 5 oz Compari .25 oz […]

Leading by Example

Everyone has natural talents and abilities. Sixteen-year-old Abby Stilley happens to have many. On the surface, it may seem like the activities she’s involved in aren’t connected: Sunday school teacher and youth group leader at her church, member of the tech team and film club at Elkhorn High School, cook […]

5 Steps to the Perfect Cocktail

The Bar: Red Lion Lounge The Bartender: Charles The drink: Lion’s Nog   Step 1: What you need 1 oz Diplomatico Rum 1 oz Old Overholt Rye .25 oz Amaro Nonino 3.5 oz house egg nog   Step 2: Combine all ingredients Step 3: Pour into a tall mug Step […]

A Born Leader

Malorie Maddox is a household name in our community and someone who touched the lives of many during her 20 years as a broadcast journalist. Now she’s touching lives in a whole new way as the Vice President of Communications with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE), and continues […]

5 Steps to the Perfect Cocktail

The Bar: Mercury The Bartender: Sara Mellor The drink: On Clout 9 Step 1: What you need 1.5 ounces Elijah Craig Private Barrel Pick #3 .5 ounces Clout Coffee – Cold Brew .5 ounces Amaro Nonino .25 ounces Wisconsin Sugar Maple Syrup .25 ounces Nux Alpine Walnut Liquor   Step […]

5 Steps to the perfect cocktail

The bar: Report In Pub The bartender: Ali The drink: Report In Giant Bloody Mary Step 1: What you need Vodka Tomato Juice Lemon juice Lime juice Celery salt Black pepper Smoked paprika Horseradish sauce Worcestershire sauce Tabasco sauce   Step 2: Combine all ingredients   Step 3: Mix well […]

Living in the Moment

Ethan Chilton is a typical 14-year-old who loves playing baseball and fishing for large-mouth bass at his favorite neighborhood pond. But not so typical is his passion for spending time with ageing adults, specifically ones who struggle with memory loss and Alzheimer’s. Last year Ethan spent 100 hours volunteering his […]

Lofty Aspirations

Thomas Corpuz  |  Junior  |  Creighton Prep High School   One might think that as the only varsity pole vaulter at Creigton Prep, junior Thomas Corpuz wouldn’t have much to worry about. But in his eyes, he has big shoes to fill. Not only was his older brother, Michael, a […]

5 Steps to the Perfect Cocktail

The bar: Herb Sainte The bartender: Austin The drink: Bon Vivant     Step 1: What you need   2 oz. Christian Bros VSOP Brandy 1 oz. lemon/raspberry gastrique ¼ oz. Fernet Branca ½ oz/ simple syrup   Step 2: Combine all ingredients   Step 3: Add ice and shake […]

Taking Great Strides

Mazie Larsen  |  Senior Gretna High School   They say running is a way of life, and that has been the case for the Larsen family of Gretna. When high school senior Mazie was growing up, she watched her mom, Maureen, run local road races and cheer her on, and […]