Lynn Hagedorn helps others live the life they want

Time and money—two things most people would like to have more of. But often the pursuit of more money actually decreases the amount of time spent on those things that are most important: family, friends, and the pursuit of passions. However, Lynn Hagedorn, an Omaha mother of three, has not only discovered the secret to having both, but she has made a career out of teaching others how to achieve it as well.

Lynn is an associate with Arizona-based Isagenix, a health and wellness network marketing company that specializes in nutritional foods and supplements for weight loss, energy and performance, and healthy aging. She’s been in the network marketing industry for more than 10 years and was a top 20 earner with a previous company. However, within her first 14 months at Isagenix, she became the first associate to earn more than $1 million, all from the comfort of home.

Like many moms, Lynn felt the pressure of work, spending more time with her kids, and having extra income. She decided to try network marketing as a supplement to her job as a certified hand therapist and found it to be a good fit. “Women naturally network all the time,” Lynn said. “We love sharing new information with our friends and family—people we know and trust.” Her business quickly grew through her simple approach: consistently work on it every day, and focus without letting life’s distractions interrupt.

Soft spoken and naturally introverted, Lynn is the first to say she’s not a sales person and never considered herself a leader. But her father, Ron Nelson who is also an Isagenix associate, said when she talks, everybody listens. “When she’s passionate about something, she loves telling everyone around her about it,” he said. “She also works hard. She’s never just dipped her toe in the water; she jumps in.” It’s no coincidence the company she formed for her business is called “Cannonball.”

Her immediate success was no surprise to those at Isagenix. “When we first met Lynn, she told us her goal was to help people around the world,” said Travis Garza, Chief Sales Officer with the company. “She surrounded herself with hard-working people like herself and constantly asked us what could she do to help those she was working with? She never made it about her.” Today Lynn works with clients and associates all over the world, including Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

What Lynn did was learn how to teach others how to be successful in the business. She teamed with Michael Clouse who is an expert in network marketing and author of the book Future Choice: Why Network Marketing May Be Your Best Career Choice. “Lynn keeps everything simple,” Michael said. “She cares for people, teaches them the basic principles of the business, and helps them find their own success.”

Those people she helps are stay-at-home moms, working moms, and retirees. All people who are just like her. “The thing we love about Lynn is that she stays true to who she is,” said Garza. “She’s a great mom and she’s built a multi-million dollar business, which she’s done so she can spend more time with her family.” And although she’s worked hard at it, she’s had the benefit of technology on her side to help make it easier than ever.

In fact, technology has helped transform the network marketing industry. Isagenix is a combination of membership and online ordering. Clients are able to order the products themselves online and have them delivered directly to their doorstep. Social media has enabled associates to connect with clients on a global scale. In 2014, Garza said the company had $725 million in sales and is expected to reach $1 billion in sales this year with only 435,000 active associates.

“The company makes it so easy,” Lynn said. “There’s a system in place for everything—a system for prospecting, a system for presenting, and a system for teaching. Even the products themselves are sold in systems, and they’re very compelling.” More than 80% of its members join simply to use the health and wellness products to lose weight and feel better, not to turn it into a business.

But Lynn said the business potential and freedom it can afford to people is just as compelling. “You can create a life you don’t have to escape from,” she said. “This business provides a vehicle that enables me to create the life I want. I’m not better than anyone else. My goal is simply to be better today than I was yesterday. Isagenix isn’t my life. It allows me to have one.”

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