Varsity Corner

Ace of the Court

Teresa Kaiser  |  Age 17  |  Skutt Catholic High School High-Level competition is nothing unusual for the Hutnick-Kaiser family.  Whether it’s their string of success at Skutt, or their Wednesday night family tennis competitions, the desire to compete has been constant, starting at an early age, competing at the age […]

Dragon Protector

Austin John Obermeyer | Age 18 | Gretna High School While many athletes recall their earliest childhood sports successes, Austin Obermeyer prefers to be honest while sharing his soccer story when he was just four years old. “Actually that’s when I scored my very first goal; unfortunately it was for […]

Truly Gifted

Ella Grace Pollard  |  Spring Ridge Elementary  |  Age 10 As an infant, Ella Pollard quickly learned sign language from her mother so she could have a form of communication prior to her ability to speak, setting the tone that she wasn’t going to be your average child. Once it […]

Swimming Strength

Michael Kyle Mollak | Elkhorn High School | Age 18 Michael grew up playing many sports as a child: basketball, football, lacrosse, hockey, track, and soccer.  Sports were an important part of his childhood and he was always looking for a new sport to try. The summer after fifth grade, […]

A Dribbling Star

Lauren Maciejewski | Age 17 | Elkhorn South High School As a young girl at the age of four, Lauren’s parents can recall her running up and down the driveway dribbling a basketball both right and left handed. They recognized her talent and enrolled her in youth basketball with the […]

Man of Many Sports

Jared Samuelson | Age 16 | Gretna High School Jared has a passion for a variety of sports that started at a young age. When one sports season is over, he moves on to the next. As a student at Gretna High School, Jared is a three sport athlete. In […]

Shooting Star

Marisa Lowe  |  Age 18  |  Millard West High School Like many other children in the area, Marisa picked up a basketball as a young girl. Unlike others, the game became more than just a sport, but a passion. In fourth grade, Marisa moved from playing basketball as a recreational […]

Hitting the Hardwood

John Bartels Hiscock  |  Age 16 Bennington High School  John Bartels Hiscock, better known as Bart, has been shooting hoops since he was a toddler. What started as a child’s game in the basement eventually became something much more for Bart. He continued to play as an elementary student and […]

Common Interests, Common Goal

Korbin Meink & Jeffrey Heinz  |  Age 16  |  Skutt Catholic High School As young boys, both Korbin Meink and Jeffrey Heinz developed a love for the sport of wrestling.  For Jeffrey, taking up the sport of wresting in kindergarten was following in his family’s footsteps.  His father had been […]

Pitch Perfect

Laura Roecker  |  Age 17  |  Elkhorn High School When Laura started playing softball at the age of six, she could only dream of leading her team to a state championship game. At age 10, Laura was in love with softball and joined the Elkhorn Slammers select team.  That year, […]