Varsity Corner

Golden Gymnast

Lyanda Dudley | Age 17 | Millard West Lyanda Dudley was a child that had an unlimited supply of energy. Her parents took her to the park on a daily basis in an attempt to have her run off some of her energy. When the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics was […]

Going the Distance

Austin Yardley | Age 16 | Elkhorn High School Austin Yardley started his running career as a sprinter in the third grade on a YMCA track team. His love of long distance running was developed when he started joining his dad on training runs for 5K races while still in […]

Elite Competitor

Vanessa Hooker  |  Age 15  |  Elkhorn South Fifteen-year-old Vanessa Hooker was born with cheerleading in her genes. Her mother, Shawnda, and father, Kevin, both cheered at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and co-own Elite Cheer. Vanessa performed her first cheer lifts at just four months; Kevin would hold her in […]

Chris Rasmussen — Swinging for Success

Chris Rasmussen | Age 13 | St. Wenceslaus Chris Rasmussen’s stellar junior golf career began with a plastic club and a bag of Wiffle balls. A then two-year-old Chris would hit Wiffle balls for hours in the family’s backyard, walking from one side of the yard to the other to […]

Leading From The Middle

Megan Kammer  |  Age 18  |  Elkhorn South  It seems only fitting that if you spent nearly two years of your childhood in Madrid, Spain, your sport of choice would be soccer. That is exactly what Megan Kammer, an Elkhorn South senior, gets to say when sharing her story. Following […]

Perfect Stride

Jordan Flemington | Age 17 | Millard West Over the years, Millard West has built a strong tradition of outstanding track and field performers, but when it comes to the hurdles, there’s just one name that comes to mind — Jordan Flemington. Flemington first gave track a try as an […]

Bringing the Heat

Nate Fisher  |  Age 17  |  Yutan When a high school produces a once-in-a-generation athlete, one who elevates their level of play in a way that leaves people awestruck, the community cannot help but be proud. Yutan has had the great pleasure of watching Nate Fisher grow and develop into […]

Making It Look Easy

Sarah Fricke | Age 16 | Millard West Every now and then we hear the term “natural” when someone is referring to an outstanding athlete who makes their sport look easy. This was the case last year when (then) freshman Sarah Fricke burst on the scene as Millard West’s top […]

A Shining Example

Anne Polland | Age 17 | Boys Town   Stories of amazing transformations of Boys Town teens have surfaced over the years, and one impressive example is that of Anne Polland from Valley, Nebraska. Starting at the age of four, Polland frequently displayed aggressive behavior and anger issues, which made […]

Wrestling To Stay On Top

Brett Velasquez | Age 18 | Bennington    Every now and then you hear about a dominant athlete, one who takes their sport to another level,  shattering school records on the way to state championships. Bennington’s defending state champion  wrestler Brett Velasquez is one of those rare student-athletes.  Velasquez, a […]