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Creative kitchen teases the palate

7M Grill mixes a variety of styles into  what it calls ‘comfort fusion’ Chef Aron Mackevicius of 7M Grill delights in creating playful dishes from unlikely culinary bedfellows. He’ll take a spicy ghost chili and marry it with sweet coconut. In another dish, he’ll mingle ginger with yellow squash.   Since 2010, Mackevicius […]

How to run a stellar Steakhouse

Mahogany Prime’s five steps toward making it perfect   David Osborn, general manager for Mahogany Prime Steakhouse, has served up tender, flavorful, premium steaks to Omahans for years. Crafting a beautiful, melt-in-your-mouth steak from cut to table is an art, and Osborn has it down. Here’s how he makes it […]

Inimitable Italian

On a fall Saturday, Biaggi’s chef-partner Aaron King is preparing for an onslaught of homecoming activity. The evening’s crowd includes 20-person tables with teenagers in towering heels and dutiful dates. “Lots of chicken parm,” he predicts. Biaggi’s, an Italian restaurant now in its 13th year in Omaha, is known for […]

Seasoned to Perfection

John Horvatinovich’s first restaurant logo involved a guy riding a taco. Horvatinovich, executive chef of the hip and modern Salt in Eagle Run, was a taco-obsessed Michigan kid when he first imagined owning a restaurant (he dubbed it Ándale Tacos). Opened in May, Salt is a far cry from the […]

Today’s Tom Sawyer

West Omaha offers some of the area’s finest dining choices, but perhaps none has a story quite as sentimental as that of Omaha natives Tom and Tricia Sawyer’s Harvest Café & Wine Bar.   For years, Sawyer operated the family owned construction business, as his wife managed the clerical side of […]