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Vala’s Pumpkin Patch focuses on family first

For many families, fall wouldn’t feel complete without a trip to Vala’s Pumpkin Patch in Gretna. Whether it’s bouncing on the giant jumping pillows, enjoying homemade kettle corn, or riding the hayrack to pick the perfect pumpkin, a day at Vala’s means a day filled with fun for the entire […]

Sunglass designer Alan Tipp blends style and innovation

Anyone who plays sports or has a child athlete is familiar with the Under Armor brand. Not only is the company gaining market share with its athletic apparel, but it’s making casual wear as well. However, not everyone knows that since 2007 the company has also sold its own line […]

Rejuvenating Lives and Restoring Health

Denise Pollard brings balance back to health At some point in their lives everyone has experienced a time when they haven’t felt themselves. Perhaps sleep is fitful, energy is low, libido is down, or headaches pop up unexpectedly. Sometimes physicians aren’t able to pinpoint a cause, which can lead to frustration and […]

Gigi’s Cupcakes’ SuZanne Rogers is sweet to community and employees

What does it take for a boutique bakery to be successful in today’s market? A great tasting cupcake is number one, but SuZanne Rogers, owner of Gigi’s Cupcakes in Village Pointe would add that helping the community and helping her own employees are just as important. And after being in […]

Nebraska Realty CEO Andy Alloway puts people first

If you’re not familiar yet with the name Nebraska Realty, it’s understandable. Formerly Deeb Realty, the company recently changed brands but is still one of the largest real estate companies in the state. And if you aren’t familiar with the name Andy Alloway, the company’s CEO, that’s not surprising. Even […]

Lynn Hagedorn helps others live the life they want

Time and money—two things most people would like to have more of. But often the pursuit of more money actually decreases the amount of time spent on those things that are most important: family, friends, and the pursuit of passions. However, Lynn Hagedorn, an Omaha mother of three, has not […]

The Holy Family Shrine

A peaceful place of beauty and comfort. Situated on 23-acres overlooking the Platte Valley, along Interstate 80 between Omaha and Lincoln, is a wood and glass structure that many people have wondered — what is it? This common curiosity is what brings more than 25,000 people each year to visit […]

Coffee Royalty

Omaha-based coffee shop is nationally known Photos by Daniel Muller There’s no better way to start the day than with a fast, fresh, great-tasting cup of coffee, especially when it’s served with a smile. That has been the business model that Scooter’s Coffee co-founders Don and Linda Eckles established 17 […]

Omaha ‘mompreneaurs’ bring kid-friendly fun to balanced living

It’s a problem that has perplexed moms and dads for generations: How to get kids to eat their vegetables. Parents know their children need a balanced diet, but for whatever reason, kids can’t seem to agree. Omaha moms Deb Gray and Tammy Olson think they have a solution both kids […]

Gifts With Meaning

Omaha organizations seek volunteers to make holidays a little brighter for others  The holiday season signals the hunt for the perfect gift to give that special someone, family member or friend. But for many Omaha organizations, the holidays are a time when needs increase. Harsh winter weather can spell trouble […]