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Cellar 426 offers a variety of wines and one exceptional view

What happens when a horticulturist and a marketing/accountant both enjoy wine? They decide to start a vineyard and open a winery, of course. That’s what Richard and Amy Hilske decided to do almost 20 years ago. Today, they operate Cellar 426 in Ashland, where they produce and sell more than […]

Four Sisters Boutique embodies generations of sophistication

When spring fever hits, ladies like to shed their heavy sweaters and boots for silky floral fabrics and shoes that show off their pedicures. There’s something refreshing and fulfilling about shopping in-store rather than online, and even more satisfying is the personal experience you get from shopping at a locally-owned […]

HETRA’s programs offer benefits that go beyond just physical therapy

“There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse.” This quote by author R.S. Surtees perfectly captures that special bond between human and horse. Which is why when it comes to helping people with physical and emotional disabilities, horses are a natural fit. Twenty-eight years […]

Saving Grace food rescue helps Omaha’s hungry one truckload at a time

True change is made when just one person recognizes a problem and decides to do something about it. That’s what happened when Beth Ostdiek Smith realized how much food was being thrown away in our community. In fact, 40% of food that’s produced ends up in the trash, and yet […]

Main Street Studios and Gallery brings new life to downtown Elkhorn

Part of downtown Elkhorn’s appeal is its historic charm. During the early 1900s many of the buildings housed gas stations and service centers for motorists passing through along Lincoln Highway. One of those buildings, built in 1912, sold tires, and Tyler Curne’s grandfather used to stop there every time he […]

Echo Systems helps bring out the best in your home

Everyone’s home depends on some level of technology, whether it’s watching TV, listening to music, or getting online with multiple devices. What many people don’t realize is what type of options are available that can make their everyday use of technology at home more efficient and more pleasing. Echo Systems […]

Painting to Perfection: Kevin Clanton is updating Omaha one home at a time

Homeowners are living in their houses longer before moving. Often this results in the desire to upgrade outdated styles, especially with kitchens. The once popular golden oak cabinets that dominated new construction homes during the 90s are being replaced with white cabinetry. The high price of lumber can make replacing […]

On camera and off, Malorie Maddox cares about community

For most local residents, Malorie Maddox is a friendly, familiar face. She has been a part of our nightly routine for 12 years, covering stories in our community that range from kind-hearted to heart-wrenching. She’s won numerous awards for her journalistic achievements and is regularly asked to host and speak […]

Entrepreneur Doug Dushan brings fine art online with Upklose

Online apps are more than just games and entertainment. They help make life easier, and they help people connect. This is especially significant for individuals trying to start a business and make a name for themselves, such as those in the arts who often end up sacrificing time to create […]